Most people are accustomed to eating tough-skinned brown rice with a chewy texture, and often soak it for up to 24 hours before cooking. The Cuckoo Rice Cookers we sell have a function which germinates the rice for the recommended 6 hours before pressure cooking the rice. Once cooked the rice is maintained at the optimum temperature for the natural fermentation to occur. The result is brown rice with a much softer texture than other cooking methods. Combine this with the recipe for Enzyme Rice and you will have an always-ready source of nutrition that will last in the cooker for up to ten days!

The Role of Enzymes 

Changes to Rice During Germination

The Two-Step Process Broken Down​​

After 6 Hours

After 4 hours in water at 34 degrees Celsius the germ has swollen. You can also observe the sprout starting to prepare to emerge from the germ.

MORE About Germination

Brown rice has a natural plant hormone (Abscisic Acid) that protects it until it's time to sprout. The presence of this acid makes it harder for the body to digest. Germinating (sprouting) the rice breaks down this acid making digestion easier. The GABA Mode on the rice cooker we sell keeps the water in the cooker at the optimum temperature of 34 degrees Celsius for up to 6 hours so the rice is germinated just the right amount.

Glutamic acid in the brown rice synthesizes into gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and increases to 2-3 times the levels present before germination.


The digestive enzyme Phytase breaks down Phytic acid during germination making the nutrients present in brown rice easier for the body to absorb.

After 6 hours in water the germ has swollen further, and the sprout is becoming more prominent. The color and aroma have also changed. We recommend stopping germination after 6 hours as the nutrients start to be used by the sprout and the aroma of the rice does not improve.

Digestive enzymes play a key role in how our body extracts energy and nutrients from our food. Enzymes work to break food down into components so that the nutrients can be absorbed by our body. In recent years traditional fermented foods rich in enzymes  have increasingly received attention for their potential health benefits. Although there are still some gaps in the science, it is widely believed that naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria produced during fermentation provide the body with a 'head-start' in breaking down difficult-to-digest proteins starches and fats.

Unlike other foods, the natural enzymes in brown rice are particularly resistant to heat and cooking. If kept warm after cooking, the enzymes will gradually become active and the rice will start to ferment.

Adding Adzuki beans to the brown rice introduces more natural amino acids which break down to form more enzymes and enhance the fermentation process. Adding a little salt also assists the speed of the reaction.

Before germination starts, the rice germ is indented.

After 4 Hours

6-Cup Rice Cooker (JPY 64,584)

Cooks up to 4 cups of brown rice. This is the preferred option for many people.

Why the rice cooker is important 

Quality Brown Rice makes a difference



Amylase (a digestive enzyme) breaks down some starch in the brown rice into Glucose and Oligosaccharide during germination.

For the full benefits of Enzyme Rice we recommend using good quality rice that has been produced with as few chemicals as possible. Enzyme Rice is a 'living' food, and the better the rice the higher probability that it will germinate, and lower the  likelihood of unwanted chemicals interfering with the fermentation process and ultimately your health.

We recommend using chemical free rice where possible. In general, compared to white rice which has been milled and polished, agrochemicals are more likely to be present on brown rice. Finding out about the farming methods used when producing your rice will help you get the maximum benefits from Enzyme Rice.  

We sell our favorite brown rice online (Japan only) in convenient 4-cup vacuum-packed bags to seal in the freshness.

10-Cup Rice Cooker (JPY 124,200)

Cooks up to 8 cups of brown rice. For a family that consumes a lot of rice this is the best option. As it takes 60 hours for rice to be at its optimum state, many customers wish they had brought this size instead of the smaller cooker.


We also sell an Enzyme Rice Kit that has the ingredients all measured out for you.

Cultivating Collective Delight

Enzyme Rice is an all-natural mix of brown rice, Adzuki beans, and a little salt. The rice is germinated prior to cooking, and then once cooked left warming in the rice cooker for at least 3 days. The carbohydrates of the rice react with the protein and amino acids of the Adzuki (Maillard reaction) and the end result is brown rice that is tastier and easier to digest than what you may have experienced before.

Before Germination


Enzyme Rice​​