Raw-life is a Brand of The Raw Food Company Rawlistic Ltd., a family owned and operated artisan organic raw food business in Napier New Zealand. They make foods from nutrient dense quality organic plant based ingredients to produce the best quality end product.
Their food is raw & vegan, dried not cooked, to avoid destroying the natural nutrients of the ingredients. The muesli we import from them is unique due to its sprouted ingredients.

The Health Discovery Co is a New Zealand company producing the best crackers and bars we have ever tasted. On top of their great taste, the products are packed with high nutritional value ingredients such as flax seeds, chia seeds, and other fruits and nuts. The products are gluten free, sugar free, paleo, whole food, additive free, and also have Vegan options. 


ViBERi is NZ's leading brand of organic blackcurrants. Owned by Tony and Afsaneh Howey, they grow the product themselves on their farm on the fertile Canterbury plains at the base of the Southern Alps. High in Vitamin C and Anthocyanins, NZ blackcurrants are renowned for their health benefits. We import Viberi products in both retail and wholesale product sizes.

Wholesum Japan actively searches for suppliers whose products are unique, ethically produced, and fit into our goal of cultivating collective delight. We know each of our suppliers on a personal basis, and are proud to be representing their brands in Japan.

Cultivating Collective Delight

Kiwi Quinoa is grown by Dan and Jacqui Cottrell in the volcanic soils of the Central Plateau, New Zealand. Kiwi Quinoa is grown spray-free using farming practices that benefit the environment and result in a delicious nutrient-dense quinoa. Kiwi Quinoa naturally higher in protein and dietary fibre than many brands – making it one of the highest plant-based protein sources available. Kiwi Quinoa is wholegrain as it has not been processed or polished. Because of this it retains all of its goodness and has a unique golden colour.

AOTEA is an ethically focused producer of health and wellness products made using native NZ flora, grown sustainably on the remote and pristine Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. We import their fabulous Skincare and high quality Manuka Honey both of which are produced in small batches on the Island. NZ's native Kawakawa and Manuka Oil feature as prominent ingredients which we are delighted to be introducing to Japan.